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    1. ViaWest's Kayla Kirkeby Named to the 2014 CRN Women of the Channel List

      DENVER, CO--(Marketwired - Jun 9, 2014) - ViaWest, the leading colocation, managed services, and cloud provider in North America, announces that Kayla Kirkeby, ViaWest Senior Director of Marketing, has been named to the 2014 CRN Women of the Channel. The annual list highlights the accomplishments of female executives within vendor, distribution, and solution provider organizations, and the impact they are having on the advancement of the IT channel industry as a whole.

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    2. Female-focused initiatives shift tides for rising tech entrepreneurs

      Female-focused initiatives shift tides for rising tech entrepreneurs

      On the last Thursday of April, Lee Mayer, 32, sat slightly hidden behind her laptop at a conference table inside Galvanize, a tech startup common work space. She was updating back-end code for her e-commerce company's website.

      As more women gathered around the table, she popped her head up.

      "Ladies," Mayer said. "My friend Julie Sandler is up for Geek of the Year by GeekWire. She is doing great things in tech up in Seattle. Go on and vote for her, please."

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    3. GoPro Games packed with gadgets, gear and good times

      VAIL — The GoPro Games group is a happy, earth-loving crew, mostly because the earth is best big ol’ playground ever. Imagine astronomer Carl Sagan exclaiming “billions and billions” and you’ll have some idea how much swag is available at the GoPro Games. Competitors get a swag bag packed with stuff, but it’s not all the stuff there is. “The games are so multi-faceted that we can’t accommodate all the competitors and all their events,” said Erik Wardell with Backbone Media.

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    4. Contract-to-hire UX Designer

      Contract-to-hire UX Designer

      Posted by posted Jun 3 Favslist favslist.com Greater Denver Area Tweet Share

      job description

      Favslist is a social platform that connects brands with their most loyal fans. Fans rank their favorite things in different categories. Brands target messages to fans based upon rankings and preferences. If Facebook is for what you “LIKE”, Favslist for what you LOVE!


      Fan centricity - fans have the right to engage with the brands they like in the manner they choose.

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    5. Ramin Karimloo rocking the house as Jean Valjean

      Ramin Karimloo rocking the house as Jean Valjean

      NEW YORK (AP) — When Ramin Karimloo was 16, he made a foolish bet with a friend — foolish, that is, for a teenager in Canada who played ice hockey and had no training in either acting or singing.

      "I'm going to be the Phantom in 'Phantom of the Opera,'" Karimloo told his friend, "and I'm going to be the youngest one to do it."

      As he walked away, Karimloo says now, he felt ridiculous. But a decade later, he signed a contract to play the Phantom in London's West End — indeed, the youngest to do it.

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    6. #BoulderWins: Gnip's acquisition is a positive for the whole entrepreneurial community

      #BoulderWins: Gnip's acquisition is a positive for the whole entrepreneurial community

      On Wednesday night, hundreds of digital technologists gathered in the Boulder Theatre to celebrate the most anticipated deal closings in recent years. While notable founders, CEO's, and investors gathered around foodtrucks chatting nonchalantely, inside the momentum was rising. This is because in 2008 during Gnip's early years, founders Jud Valeski & Chris Moody pledged 1% of their Series A round -  totalling $1.1M-  to the Entrepreneur's Foundation of Colorado (EFCO).

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    7. Director of Product Manageme...

      Director of Product Manageme...

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      Director of Product Management

      Posted by posted Jun 5 Zen Planner www.zenplanner.com Greater Denver Area Tweet Share

      job description

      Zen Planner is a fast-moving technology company based in Highlands Ranch, CO. We create the online member management system for your local gym, yoga studio, personal trainer, or martial arts school. We were ranked the #2 Best Workplace in the nation in 2013, as designated by Outside Magazine.

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    8. The Census Bureau has released their 2013 population estimates!

      Posted By Wendy Nkomo, Colorado Technology Association (CTA), Friday, June 06, 2014 ** * Colorado’s total population grew 1.52% to 5,268,367 between July 1, 2012 and July 1, 2013, ranking as the 4^th fastest in annual percentage growth and 5^th fastest in absolute growth in the nation. The United States as a whole grew .72% from 2012 to a total population of 316,128,839.

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    9. Uber, Lyft praise Colorado's new ride-share-app rules

      Uber, Lyft praise Colorado's new ride-share-app rules

      Colorado became the first state Thursday to enact legislation authorizing the use of smartphone apps that enable regular people to drive-for-hire in their own vehicles through services operated by tech companies like Uber Technologies Inc. and Lyft.

      Representatives of Uber and Lyft reacted positively to the news, though Uber -- which operates the UberX ride-share service -- used the occasion to highlight ongoing threats from "insurance corporations, trial lawyers and mega-taxicab companies" -- in…

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    10. Open Cloud Code

      Open Cloud Code

      Flexible hybrid cloud platformE 1560_ 6/2/14 - Here at the Glue Conference 2014, we're talking with Kyle Kelley, with Rackspace a Flexible hybrid cloud platform. Kyle explained. You need choice, especially when it comes to where you run your databases, applications, and websites. That's why we provide tools for creating the right fit for your specific needs—whether hosted in your data center or ours, whether multi-tenant or dedicated, whether virtual or bare metal.

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    11. Hickenlooper signs UberX regulations, business personal property tax break

      Hickenlooper signs UberX regulations, business personal property tax break

      Tax breaks are coming to a number of Colorado small businesses and ride-sharing-app services UberX and Lyft will continue to operate, thanks to bills that Gov. John Hickenlooper signed into law on Thursday. The Democratic governor inked a total of 24 measures on the second-to-last day for him to sign or veto bills passed during the 2014 legislative session. He still has several business-focused measures whose fate he must determine Friday, including a measure that would make it easier for the…

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