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    1. CU-Boulder launching startup accelerator for student entrepreneurs

      CU-Boulder launching startup accelerator for student entrepreneurs

      The University of Colorado Boulder is getting in on the startup incubator game. The school this weekend starts Catalyze CU, a program that will help six teams, made of 22 student entrepreneurs, launch businesses. Catalyze Boulder will offer mentorship, grants and space at a student-founded co-working and innovation center called Spark Boulder. During the program’s eight-week span, the student teams will develop their ideas and products while receiving guidance from local business experts who…

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    2. CTA Apex Conference 2014

      CTA Apex Conference 2014

      Designed for creative encounter and collaboration, APEX is the Colorado technology industry’s annual conference to celebrate accomplishment and set the direction for the coming year by gathering the community, recognizing excellence, sparking innovation, introducing disruption and proposing opportunity. Details on agenda and speakers coming soon.

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    3. 3 young Front Range tech companies to keep tabs on

      3 young Front Range tech companies to keep tabs on

      The Colorado startup community continues to grow expanding with new companies every year. Here's the lowdown on some of these up-and-coming companies and where they are headed in the future.

      Planning Pod, founded in 2013 by Jeff Kear and Steven Feingertz, helps customers simplify how they manage events and details with over 26 online tools in one app.

      Where did you get the idea for Planning Pod?

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    4. Women in Technology Conference

      Event Details

      June 13, 2014 from 8:30am to 4:30pm address Denver Botanical Gardens at Chatfield street 8500 West Deer Creek Canyon Road city/town Littleton phone 303.592.4070 website or map http://www.coloradot… organized by Colorado Technology Association Tweet

      Event Description

      The Colorado Technology Association (CTA) is excited to host the 4th Annual Women in Technology (WIT) Conference. The full-day conference is a celebration of women across the tech industry in Colorado.

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    5. Gamma 2 Robotics fulfilling the promise of robots helping people

      By Barbara Hall


      DENVER — “They promised us robots,” said Dr. Jim Gunderson, co-founder and president of Gamma 2 Robotics in Denver. “By now, robots were supposed to be in our everyday lives helping us.”

      And with Gunderson’s company’s help, we’re getting there.

      Back in 2003, Gunderson and Dr. Louise Gunderson, co-founder and CTO, had a vision. They developed a product that used artificial intelligence to model financial markets and were quite successful.

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    6. CU Tech Transfer Office presents awards to four who helped commercialize faculty research

      CU Tech Transfer Office presents awards to four who helped commercialize faculty research

      * Tech Transfer * Social * INvest

      0 05 Jun 2014 Aurora, Christopher Yakacki, CU Denver/Anschutz, EndoShape, Rick Silva, Robert Doebele, Steve VanNurden, University of Colorado, University of Colorado Tech Transfer Office by InnovatioNews

      AURORA – Four awards were presented to University of Colorado researchers, companies and advisors who best represent the spirit of innovation at CU and best practices in commercialization of university technologies.

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    7. Spatial and OMAX combine technologies to create industry’s easiest 3D pathing solution

      BROOMFIELD – Spatial Corp., a leading provider of 3D development components for manufacturing operations, said it is combining with Washington-based OMAX Corp. to develop what could be the market’s easiest-to-use 3D tool pathing solution.

      The new Intelli-CAM software tool for OMAX JetMachining Centers generates 3D tool paths from solid 3D models as well as quickly performs 3D to 2D file conversions.

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    8. TEDxCSU seeks speakers for fall conference in October

      FORT COLLINS –TEDxCSU is looking for outstanding thinkers to share dynamic concepts, moving stories and their “ideas worth spreading” with the CSU and greater Fort Collins/Northern Colorado community.

      TEDxCSU is seeking nine speakers to participate in its third annual conference Oct. 11 at Lory Student Center Theatre. The theme of the conference is “Know better. Do better,” and is inspired by the late Dr. Maya Angelou, who said, “Do the best you can until you know better.

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    9. Enterprise resource planning

      Enterprise resource planning

      Applications for large, mid-size enterprises and startups 1558_ 6/2/14 - We caught up with Thomas Grassl, VP Developer Relations for SAP, for an update at the Glue Conference 2014. Thomas said, "SAP is big in the enterprise business, customers like Coke Cola, Nike, Porsche, BMW, they are all run on SAP system, the finance, the logistics, all the stuff. That's basically where we started out as a company and you can imagine these business processes run on technology.

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    10. Security in virtual cloud infrastructure...

      Security in virtual cloud infrastructure...

      Everyone needs user management, login, secure API, secure passwords 1556_ 5/27/14 - After the morning keynote address at the Glue Conference, we sat down with one of the featured speakers, Les Hazlewood, co-founder /CTO of Stormpath. Impressed by his talk, Larry asked Les to give our audience an overview of his company. "Stormpath is an identity management service. We offload management user integration as a backend for people building applications.

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    11. One of the nation’s five patent offices opens in Denver this month

      One of the nation’s five patent offices opens in Denver this month

      The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, the federal agency responsible for granting patents and registering trademarks, will be officially opening its satellite office in Denver June 30.

      The office, which is just one of four offices outside of the agency’s Alexandria, Virginia headquarters, will create over 100 jobs for intellectual property experts and will provide resources for innovators and investors.

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    12. OhHeckYeah video game fest turns downtown into summer street arcade

      OhHeckYeah video game fest turns downtown into summer street arcade

      Brian Corrigan faced plenty of challenges in mounting his ambitious OhHeckYeah art project — including explaining what it was in the first place.

      "The best way we communicate it is by letting people experience it," said Corrigan, who worked with Washington, D.C.'s Corcoran College of Art & Design before coming to Denver. "So usually we bring the video games with us and talk about it and then let people play it."

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    13. CTA Industry Briefing

      CTA Industry Briefing

      Industry Collaboration Briefing: A Monthly Series

      CTA hosts an Industry Collaboration Briefing (most months on the 1st Wednesday at 7:30am monthly) where we provide updates on activity, programs and trends in:

      - Public policy related to building a technology and business friendly climate

      - Talent pipeline, including STEM education & workforce development

      - Business growth, including new market development, access to funding, etc.

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    14. Level 3's TV pact for a Brazilian event is a big deal (but just don't call it the World Cup)

      Level 3's TV pact for a Brazilian event is a big deal (but just don't call it the World Cup)

      Add a giant Brazil-based “soccer mega-event” to the 25 consecutive Super Bowls and other major sporting event telecasts that Level 3 Communications Inc. has transmitted for media companies.

      The Broomfield-based international telecom will carry the live feed of the world’s most-watched sporting event over its fiber optic network this month from Rio de Janeiro to Mexico City for Mexico’s TV Azteca.

      But what exactly the soccer event is, Level 3’s announcement doesn’t say. Soccer’s quadrennial…

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    15. 3 local designers share the best (and worst) design trends this year

      3 local designers share the best (and worst) design trends this year

      These three designers give you the scoop on the trends their seeing behind the scenes and the screen.

      Why is Foraker Labs is a fit for you as a designer?

      Foraker Labs is a small shop full of energetic and passionate employees. Founded by two brothers, the feeling of family is consistently prevalent. We support each other in our learnings, our work, and projects outside of the office.

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    16. Involvement = Opportunities

      Posted By Erik Mitisek, CEO, Tuesday, June 03, 2014 With summer upon us, now is a good time to think about ways to get more involved in organizations and engage in those you have not been involved with. Summer is a great time to reset. In speaking with members I often get the question, how can I get the most out of being a member of CTA? My answer, find something of interest to you and get more involved.

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