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    1. Judging can be rewarding

      Judging can be rewarding

      Extraordinary entrepreneurs and what they did to win 1553_ 5/27/14 - We're sitting down with Jim Wilson, Partner, Assurance Services, Ernst & Young and his special guest, Mike Shehan, Co-Founder, CEO, spotXchange, to get an inside peak at the premiere entrepreneurial event of the year, here in the EY Mountain Desert Program (covering Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico) for the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Awards Gala coming up on June 26th.

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    2. MacGyver-inspired moment leads to a win for Vail Valley students

      EAGLE COUNTY — The clear skies were clouding up for Battle Mountain’s Technology Student Association. After racing to a big lead in the Solar Roller rally, a bunch of racing happened. Their car was mangled after a competitor crashed into them and they were 40 laps down, working feverishly to get back on the track as other teams’ remote control solar race cars sped past. And that’s when they had their MacGyver moment.

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    3. Central Rockies residents are among the nation’s best for life expectancy

      Coloradans not only live better, but They also Live longer. Eagle County is one of five Colorado counties with the country’s highest life expectancy. The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation in Seattle ranked the nation’s top counties for life expectancy and Eagle County was seventh. Gunnison County led the country, followed closely by Pitkin County. Douglas County was eighth and Summit County was ninth.

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    4. US may deny visas to Chinese attending DefCon and Black Hat hacker conventions

      US may deny visas to Chinese attending DefCon and Black Hat hacker conventions

      By Ted Rall On May 26, 2014 defcon Getting into the United States has long been a pain in the ass for foreigners. It’s getting worse, especially for citizens of nations targeted for political retribution. As “part of a broad effort to curb Chinese cyber espionage,” an anonymous “senior Administration official” told Reuters that the United States may deny visas to Chinese citizens who want to attend the DefCon and Black Hat hacker conventions in Las Vegas this August.

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    5. Library of future ready to open in Colorado Springs

      by Robin Intemann Special to The Gazette -

      When Library 21c, the Pikes Peak Library District's newest facility, opens next month, patrons will see more than a repository for stacks of material.

      The facility on the city's north side will promote experiential learning with the latest in technology, access to 3-D printers, sewing machines and other tools, plus space - lots and lots of space.

      Traditional resources, including books, audio and visual media and e-books, will endure.

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    6. Soon-to-open Colorado Springs library blends technology, convenience, community

      By Robin Intemann, Special to The Gazette -

      Conducting business outside the box - or the office - could soon be the norm for Colorado Springs-area entrepreneurs and companies that get a taste of the Business and Entrepreneurial Center, part of the Pikes Peak Library District's soon-to-open Library 21c.

      On the upper floor of the library, the center will be equipped with almost every resource a business might need, from 3-D printers to white boards to audio and video production studios.

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    7. HP to cut thousands more jobs; impact on Colorado Springs employees unknown

      HP to cut thousands more jobs; impact on Colorado Springs employees unknown
      The Associated Press -

      PALO ALTO, Calif. - Hewlett-Packard says it is cutting 11,000 to 16,000 more jobs, above a target of 34,000 the company outlined in a multiyear restructuring plan in May 2012, and it offered an outlook that was below expectations.

      Although the technology giant does not disclose employee numbers by city or state, the company is a major Colorado Springs-area employer and will remain so, said a company official who asked not to be identified.

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    8. Symposium offers forum for export policies

      Symposium offers forum for export policies

      In the first public discussion of new federal satellite export policies, industry experts and government officials expressed optimism about the long-awaited reforms and their potential impact on the space-based economy. The Satellite Export Controls Workshop took place Monday afternoon at The Broadmoor during the 30th annual Space Symposium, addressing the revised rules of the 1999… Continue Reading Symposium offers forum for export policies

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    9. Speedier service for Verizon customers comes to Colorado Springs

      Speedier service for Verizon customers comes to Colorado Springs
      by WAYNE HEILMAN wayneh@gazette.com -

      Verizon Wireless has expanded its latest generation of wireless technology to the Colorado Springs area with a goal reducing congestion on its local network.

      The latest generation of technology, called XLTE with the X referring to extra-fast, uses a part of the wireless spectrum that Verizon Wireless has acquired in the past eight years to expand capacity of its existing network, said Meagan Dorsch, a Verizon Wireless spokeswoman in Denver.

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    10. Smalll Business Impact on economy

      Smalll Business Impact on economy

      Colorado Companies to Watch Winner’s Orientation Check Out the Photos and Watch a Slide Show "This year's Colorado Companies to Watch winners show the impact small business has on our economy and demonstrate why Colorado is one of the nation's leaders in innovation and entrepreneurship," said Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper. "We want to congratulate each of these companies and wish them continued success."

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    11. - w3w3.com

      - w3w3.com

      ACG Denver - Steve Swinney, Kodiak Building Partners - David Sloan Scholarships Steve spoke on lessons learned during Kodiak’s formation and growth from its inception in 2011 with the acquisition of Barton Supply, a local steel fabrication business, to 2014, a collection of building material distributors in Colorado, Texas and Massachusetts with 350 employees and $160 million in sales.

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    12. Exciting Opportunity to Pass on Your Knowledge! Volunteers Needed

      Exciting Opportunity to Pass on Your Knowledge! VOLUNTEERS NEEDED

      Posted By Wendy Nkomo, Colorado Technology Association (CTA), Friday, May 16, 2014

      The Denver Public Library is partnering with the City and County of Denver's Technology Services agency to host a two-week "Dev Camp" for teens aged 12-19. The Dev Camp will be a chance for these teens to learn the basics of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, while working side-by-side with professionals in the IT industry.

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