1. Female-focused initiatives shift tides for rising tech entrepreneurs

    Female-focused initiatives shift tides for rising tech entrepreneurs

    On the last Thursday of April, Lee Mayer, 32, sat slightly hidden behind her laptop at a conference table inside Galvanize, a tech startup common work space. She was updating back-end code for her e-commerce company's website.

    As more women gathered around the table, she popped her head up.

    "Ladies," Mayer said. "My friend Julie Sandler is up for Geek of the Year by GeekWire. She is doing great things in tech up in Seattle. Go on and vote for her, please."

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    1. If you were to have asked me six months ago, I would never have thought I would be a tech entrepreneur.
    2. I wasn't going to pay someone to code this.
    3. We are really proud of our strong base of female founders.
    4. Women are different than men when it comes to starting their own companies. They want to learn from other women.
    5. Girls are just as interested in technology as boys, but they are socialized out of it.
    6. I think things have changed, but back then, there was no advantage at all.
    7. Doing good work was the only thing I could control.
    8. One thing I always tell women who are engineers is that they should be really careful about what role and direction they want to go.
    9. We just got to the point where we need angel investors.
    10. They are used to the Twitters and Facebooks.
    11. We are definitely getting lots of interest, but I wouldn't say that investors are knocking on our door.
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