1. Colorado springs focused on being cybersecurity industry hub

    Colorado springs focused on being cybersecurity industry hub

    COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Colorado Springs' economic future could depend on how it fits within an emerging industry to tackle hackers.

    Millions, even billions, of dollars could be in the offing for the cities that become cybersecurity central in the United States, the Gazette reported...

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    1. Braxton does space operations as well as command-and-control operations. None can be done without a network or a cybersecurity element.
    2. It was one of those peripheral things the operators didn't pay much attention to.
    3. Awareness of the cyber threat has never been higher.
    4. We have about 2,000 unfilled information technology openings, according to monthly statistics (by the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment). That is fewer than our competitors.
    5. Our workforce will drive our success with this industry as we compete with other communities for corporate expansions.
    6. Companies based here will be general revenue and profits from all over the world.
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