1. Municipal broadband? Superior to weigh question for November ballot

    Municipal broadband? Superior to weigh question for November ballot

    Two years after Boulder residents voted to give city officials the power to examine how a potential municipal broadband system would function -- providing options between three forms of community broadband: municipal, public-private or fully private -- neighboring Superior will vote Monday to send similar language to its November's ballot. "We'll be reviewing that ballot language," said Mayor Clint Folsom...

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    1. We'll be reviewing that ballot language.
    2. This is really about creating the option for residents.
    3. You're not at the end of the line, and you're not at the front of the line if you do this.
    4. Communities all around this state have looked at this -- from the most liberal to the most conservative cities have realized this works.
    5. It's just something that gives us an option early on.
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