1. What's new in tech: 4 Colorado startups share their views on the latest trends

    What's new in tech: 4 Colorado startups share their views on the latest trends
    From frameworks arriving on the scene to cloud-based offerings and virtual and augmented reality products, some new technologies are trendier than ever...
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    1. Our school is always monitoring what tools and technologies larger companies are using and adjusting accordingly and our career services team gets regular feedback from employers about the most important skills required to be hired as a junior developer.
    2. Our curriculum is very agile. We basically look at what we are teaching and if we feel it's current to the marketplace we keep it, when we see changes in the marketplace we immediate adjust our curriculums to reflect those industry trends.
    3. For me personally the advancement of AI technologies to the point where they are becoming available to mainstream developers is very exciting.
    4. One of my best sources is current and former co-workers.
    5. If our client stands to gain significantly from implementing a certain technology or process, we do it.
    6. Large enterprise applications require long term stability that emerging trends fail to provide.
    7. More and more people are making career changes or picking up development in their spare time, which gives more an appreciation for the art of coding as well as increased pool of candidates.
    8. We look for developers with a passion for technology, strong social skills, a strong work ethic, and most importantly, and a strong aptitude for learning.
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