1. Apprentice careers: linking youth to jobs

    Apprentice careers: linking youth to jobs

    School District 51 will be part of an $11 million pilot program that aims to put more Colorado high school students in apprenticeships, to develop their skills and increase their success after graduation...

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    1. The schools have been doing a lot of the work over the years in responding to what businesses and industries want, and in some cases they're making progress.
    2. A lot of the issues that we're dealing with here locally have to do with the retention of young people.
    3. I love this because (internships) were one of the most important things I ever did as a student.
    4. Kids are much more capable of doing things and being involved in this kind of thing at a productive level than they often get credit for, and if we want them to go out and be successful, why would we not want to fuel their passions?
    5. This model won't work unless businesses engage in a material way.
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