1. Lockheed Martin, ULA launch advanced NOAA weather satellite

    Lockheed Martin, ULA launch advanced NOAA weather satellite

    A rocket launched the most advanced U.S. civilian weather satellite ever made into orbit Saturday, a successful mission of two of Colorado's largest aerospace companies. An Atlas V rocket built by Centennial-based United Launch Alliance blasted off into darkened evening skies above Florida's Cape Canaveral Air Force Station carrying the GOES-R satellite, built in Jefferson County by Lockheed Martin Space Systems Co.

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    1. The next generation of weather satellites is finally here. GOES-R is one of the most sophisticated Earth-observing platforms ever devised.
    2. Our nation now has a new weather sentinel, and the data it will produce will soon be vital to our severe storm prediction and warnings.
    3. ULA's Atlas and Delta vehicles successfully launched every operational GOES satellite, beginning with the launch of GOES-A in 1975.
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