1. Galvanize to train Colorado’s transportation employees in data science – The Denver Post

    Galvanize to train Colorado’s transportation employees in data science – The Denver Post

    Through the partnership, Galvanize instructors will teach state employees about tools and methods to make sense of all the data collected via street sensors, connected cars, autonomous vehicles and other future transportation technologies. In return, Galvanize can use state data to give students real-world problems to solve. “Building new lanes and bridges has its limits,” said Jim Deters, a Galvanize co-founder.

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    1. State DOTs have been around for, in Colorado's case, more than 100 years. We've been an agency that has built roads and bridges and repaired them. We, like many other sectors of the economy, are moving into a big-data world and we can't take another 100 years to figure this out.
    2. Building new lanes and bridges has its limits.
    3. I used to sell computers back in the mid-1990s. At the time, computers had a massive, two gigabyte hard drive. Today, the Google car puts out two gigabytes of data per second.
    4. We often hear about disruptive changes that are coming, whether it's the truck drivers who will have their livelihoods disrupted with autonomous vehicles or the cab drivers disrupted from the Ubers.
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