1. DaVinci Institute student coder team to compete for $5M IBM Watson AI X-Prize

    DaVinci Institute student coder team to compete for $5M IBM Watson AI X-Prize

    WESTMINSTER -- The DaVinci Institute announced DaVinci Coders students in the Institute's upcoming JavaScript course will serve as the foundational team for competing in the recently announced IBM Watson AI X-Prize, a $5 million competition designed around using artificial intelligence to solve some of the world’s greatest problems.

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    1. The IBM Watson AI X-Prize fits in perfectly with much of the research we've been doing, and we feel well positioned to compete on the world stage for this prestigious prize.
    2. The beauty of this competition is that even if our project doesn't get selected to win the grand prize, our students will learn how to leverage the IBM Watson's AI capabilities, and the core project will invariably spawn new business startups.
    3. At DaVinci Institute, we are building a community where tech professionals, software developers, game studios, and startup companies can launch new businesses, do freelance work, hire, get hired, grow, and stay up to date on best practices -- all in one place.
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