1. This is why mobile service is so bad in Denver

    This is why mobile service is so bad in Denver

    Blame the mountains for Denver’s sluggish mobile data speeds. But the city’s scenic backdrop isn’t the only culprit.

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    1. What I quickly see here with Denver is, wow.
    2. What's a little bit surprising is that Verizon and T-Mobile would have traded, but Verizon won't trade with T-Mobile in this market because there is no net benefit to Verizon.
    3. For a fast network, you need a lot of spectrum so you can put a bunch of people on your network.
    4. Looking at network performance in Denver, and more widely across Colorado, network data speeds seem to be a constant challenge.
    5. Population growth can certainly have an impact on mobile network performance, since more users mean more stress on a network.
    6. It's not topography. It's not our equipment or anything like that. It's just the number of people coming into Denver.
    7. We see more than 60 percent of our traffic is mobile and we're working as fast as we can to add LTE capacity.
    8. The important thing to know is what we're doing and what we have in front of us is the opportunity to leverage the resources in a way that will significantly improve the customer experience.
    9. We saw big impacts when calls and data wouldn't hand off between the old and new network equipment.
    10. This could be a very big opportunity for Sprint. Sprint has quite a lot of spectrum in Denver right now. And Sprint has been promising to build an LTE network to end all LTE networks.
    11. We are very focused on Denver and Colorado as a whole.
    12. The best way to look at this is not to compare Colorado's or Denver's performance to national performance.
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