1. Update: Legislation CTA is Supporting this Session

    Update: Legislation CTA is Supporting this Session

    CTA has taken a support position on five state bills so far in the legislative session. We are also monitoring other legislation that may have an impact on the state's tech industry.


    Legislation CTA Is Supporting


    HB17-1082: BEST Building Excellent Schools Today Act Technology Grant Funding

    Currently, Colorado requires the first $40 million of retail marijuana excise tax revenue annually collected to go to the public school capital construction fund. The amendments to this bill would increase the marijuana tax revenue annually by $5 million, to $45 million to support Building Excellent Schools Today (BEST) grants. There would be a newly formed Technology Grant Account to pay for technology grants for schools.

    Status – Waiting to be heard in the House Appropriations Committee


    HB17-1090: Advanced Industry Investment Tax Credit Extension

    This bill continues a program that offers a tax credit to individuals who make investments in small businesses operating in the advanced industries. The maximum tax credit available is $50,000 per investor and the program will be capped at $1.5 million.

    Status - Waiting to be heard in the House Appropriations Committee


    HB17-1184: Modern Technology Education in Public Schools

    HB17-1184 directs the State Board of Education to incorporate technology skills into the current content standards, directs the Colorado Department of Education to create a publicly available resource bank of materials pertaining to computer science programs, and allow industry experts to co-tech computer science.

    Status – Sent to the Governor to be signed


    HB17-1193: Small Cell Facilities Permitting and Installation

    This legislation would focus small cell facilities to light poles, light standards, traffic signals, and utility poles. Small cell facilities are miniature cell towers that add additional capacity to a service provider’s microcell network of cell towers. Having more small cell networks better supports data demands in particularly high-traffic areas.

    Status – Sent to the Governor to be signed


    HB17-1201: Science Technology Engineering Math Diploma Endorsement

    This bill authorizes school districts, boards of cooperative services, or charter high schools to grant a STEM endorsement for high school diplomas. In order to receive the endorsement, students would need to complete all high school graduation requirements as well as complete additional credit hours in STEM courses.

    Status – Waiting to be heard in the Senate Education Committee


    For more information on these bills, visit our Fact Sheets section on the CTA Advocacy Center. To find a complete list of bills CTA is monitoring visit the CTA Advocacy Center.

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