1. Speed up your RFP Process for Tech Solutions through CTA’s Partnership with SelectHub

    Speed up your RFP Process for Tech Solutions through CTA’s Partnership with SelectHub

    There’s no slowing down in Colorado, which is why Colorado Technology Association (CTA) has partnered with local startup SelectHub to simplify the request for proposal process for CTA members searching for tech solutions.

    The tech industry continues to grow rapidly in Colorado, creating an immense volume of IT projects that need to be fulfilled. The quicker they come together, and the easier it is for companies to partner within the state, the better.

    The partnership, launched by CTA at C-Level @ A Mile High on March 16, is another way to advance Colorado’s close-knit community. Through the platform of a promising startup, CTA sees incredible potential to modernize a standard part of the business landscape.

    “We’re focused on accelerating collaboration across the state,” said Andrea Young, President & CEO, Colorado Technology Association. “Our ecosystem needs to keep pace with the innovation happening here and SelectHub’s platform is the perfect remedy for a slow, manual process when a competitive bid for a project is needed.”

    The new service offers CTA members free access to create new provider selection projects, utilize a library of IT requirement templates and implement provider scorecarding systems and collaborative tools. Requirements are inputted by the members themselves or via a white-glove service at no additional cost to members. Providers and products are shortlisted based on SelectHub’s curated leaderboards and scorecards as well as community-driven rankings.

    CTA members can get started by heading to the program page. If you’re interested in becoming a CTA member for access to the service, contact membership@coloradotechnology.org.

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