1. Startups no more? Denver's maturing tech scene getting funded and finding tech workers

    Startups no more? Denver's maturing tech scene getting funded and finding tech workers

    Used-car app Blinker takes aim at market dominated by Craigslist, eBay VictorOps, which has added 15 of its 60 employees since November, is also among a growing number of Colorado technology companies maturing beyond startup mode. Even as many startups fail, dozens of others are attracting millions in venture capital, hiring like mad and giving hope to the many other founders starting a venture of their own here.

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    1. For whatever reason, we've reached a position in the Colorado market where we are seen as a company that is going to succeed but we're still early enough that you'll get that startup experience.
    2. In 2012, we had nine tech and startup Meetups a month. Today, there are over 100 in the same city.
    3. There is no question there is still a talent-grab environment out there, and at the same time, specifically, young workers want high-growth, tech-based-company job opportunities and have plenty of options with (growth) companies.
    4. We have seen Colorado be in and out of the top 10 both in the number of deals and the number of dollars (total funding) for the past couple years.
    5. There's an actual community. The talent is here now.
    6. I think everybody is rooting for one of our Colorado-born companies to be a longstanding, sustainable, tent-pole company able to scale.
    7. There are obviously ups and downs. (Venture capital) is cyclical.
    8. It helps the most with those senior hires — the people who aren't as willing to take a risk on a company that isn't well capitalized. Once you get a big name brand to write a check, that's a signal that there's confidence in the company.
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