1. A Denver Startup Tries to Bring Silicon Valley to Colorado | Wired

    A Denver Startup Tries to Bring Silicon Valley to Colorado | Wired

    America’s Past and Future Do Battle in an Unlikely Tech Incubator Peter Thiel reportedly once told an audience in Chicago, “If you are a very talented person, you have a choice. You either go to New York or you go to Silicon Valley.” But there are a number of problems with his scenario, which together amount to one of the nation’s biggest economic quandaries: High-growth businesses account for nearly half of the new jobs in the US today.

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    1. I left my lucrative trading job to enter the crazy world of startups, and I haven't regretted it at all.
    2. It's not an accident that Denver, and Colorado in general, have a lower-than-average unemployment rate, because there are opportunities here, there are magnets of jobs and futures that people are drawn by, and we're going to continue to build on that.
    3. We were creating a destination for millennials.
    4. We like to sleep in our beds and don't like to be on the road all the time.
    5. Colorado companies are going to be discounted just because we're based here and we're not in San Francisco.
    6. We're excited to bring you on board
    7. We are closing our funding round right now, so in the interest of transparency, that's what's holding us up.
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