1. Colorado Springs tech startup hopes to make waves

    Colorado Springs tech startup hopes to make waves

    Networking can sometimes be a challenge.

    But a new tech startup hopes to make it easier to create waves.

    Earlier this year, Colorado Springs-based RipTide launched a mobile app by the same name that's designed to help business professionals improve their profits through word-of-mouth referrals.

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    1. Through predictive analytics, we use information about how you network to make you a better networker.
    2. It's important for people to keep track of their progress and this is what that app can do.
    3. We can see who your top referral is and prompt you to meet with them more on a one-on-one basis.
    4. I've compared the app to an exercise or step counter app to monitor health.
    5. We're definitely very cognizant of using investors' money wisely and giving them a return.
    6. I understand what sales people are going through and how networking groups function.
    7. I wanted a name that was a good metaphor for networking.
    8. A sales manager could look at his or her sales team and see how they're doing through this.
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