1. Colorado Springs tech startup helps businesses build apps and websites, has national goals

    Colorado Springs tech startup helps businesses build apps and websites, has national goals

    Owning and operating a company is difficult enough without the added task of creating a corresponding app or website.

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    1. Edison was the inventor and had all the ideas and tried things until they worked.
    2. Each time, the developer either could not deliver on their promises or dropped out of the project after wasting months of our time.
    3. We knew we could provide a professional and reliable service to bring app ideas into reality without the headaches and issues we experienced.
    4. We're really trying to focus on our local community and the businesses here in Colorado Springs.
    5. You see any restaurant, bar or hotel and they have some sort of app to download.
    6. We can show the owners there's valuable content they're creating.
    7. It helps customers engage in their business and become advocates for their brand.
    8. It makes it easier for the customers to go on and see what they're going to get from the company in a more interactive way.
    9. There's a lot of impact you can have for a relatively small investment.
    10. Some of the things we offer haven't been available to businesses unless they have a six-digit salary.
    11. We decided to create our own future and bring the possibilities that we saw into light.
    12. Our main focus is to develop apps used locally.
    13. We're still growing so I just hope that we can help some people out.
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