1. Millennials pitch plans to fix issues facing Colorado Springs

    Millennials pitch plans to fix issues facing Colorado Springs

    These millennials aren't looking for fame or fortune; they want to turn their ideas into action to benefit Colorado Springs.

    Students and recent alumni from four local colleges and universities gathered Thursday to share ideas to resolve community issues such as hunger, homelessness and energy during the third annual Quad Innovation Partnership Demonstration Day.

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    1. There's a tremendous amount of opportunity in this town.
    2. At the end of the day, we're trying to equip students with what they need to turn ideas into action in Colorado Springs.
    3. We worked with community partner organizations and gave them the opportunity to pitch problems they're facing.
    4. We got free rein to how we wanted to attack that problem.
    5. I think the biggest challenge was figuring out what the community needed and not turning it into an idea, but putting action and movement behind it.
    6. I never saw myself as an entrepreneur.
    7. We want to instill knowledge at a young age so kids can make better choices as they grow up.
    8. The more we learned from people in the utility industry, the more we realized this was the best option.
    9. This year we had someone land a job the first day of the program.
    10. Just because the program is over doesn't mean we don't want to see our ideas come into fruition.
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