1. Colorado Springs' startup 'Brainitz' is head of the class

    Colorado Springs' startup 'Brainitz' is head of the class

    Students can be many types of learners - even online learners.

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    1. When you can take modern technology and allow teachers to personalize it for their students, I think you have something special.
    2. What started as a way to get students falling behind to catch up snowballed into something good for all kids, whether they were struggling, advanced, or anywhere in between.
    3. In operant behavior, reinforcers tend to enhance behavior, so we thought if the student gets the question right, they get positive feedback.
    4. This is designed not to test students but to teach them.
    5. It frees up teachers to work with students one on one, set up and implement more group projects and labs, and grade papers as needed.
    6. This offers us the opportunity to get into a very large school district and test our product.
    7. Our vision is to market this to teachers and have the teachers become the advocates for our product.
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