1. Cyber accelerator first of its kind in city

    Cyber accelerator first of its kind in city

    A new nonprofit security tech accelerator — the first of its kind in Colorado Springs — is taking shape, aiming to recruit entrepreneurs to the city and boost cyber economic development. Exponential Impact (EXi) will take a holistic approach to mentoring and coaching, said CEO Vance Brown...

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    1. I've heard a lot about how it's difficult to bring in funding and build technology companies in Colorado Springs, and I beg to differ.
    2. I haven't heard of other accelerators that do so much to filter and find the best. … We hope to improve the success rate of the accelerators with the vetting.
    3. With Cherwell, for instance, we bootstrapped it, and I don't know if I'd have even wanted to go to a program where I've got to give 5 to 8 percent [equity].
    4. It will create a place for emerging and growth companies to … participate in a mentor program and potentially seek and receive additional funding and/or investment, post-accelerator, and ideally help some of those companies remain in the region.
    5. The [NCC] is here to support all accelerators in Colorado Springs, across our state and throughout the nation to improve cybersecurity for all, accelerate cyber economic development and increase cyber workforce development.
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