1. Jobber Group’s Persona Platform is Catching Eyes of Top Executives, Thought Leaders and Investors

    Jobber Group’s Persona Platform is Catching Eyes of Top Executives, Thought Leaders and Investors

    DENVER - Jobber Group, a Denver, Colorado-based talent strategy firm tackling the talent trafficking problem plaguing most companies, recently presented their platform as a service (PaaS) to New York City-based Talent Tech Labs.

    Talent Tech Labs, a community focused on the discovery and validation of emerging talent acquisition technologies, invited Jobber Group to virtually present their new Persona Platform that operationalizes persona and data-driven validation for candidates during the hiring process. The anonymous Talent Tech Labs panel of experts and investors in the HR and talent acquisition space had the following to say about the Persona Platform:

    “This product could be applied to many disciplines, or really any company that needs to hire,” anonymous Analyst of Talent Tech Labs.

    “Brilliant technology, I think what [Jobber Group] is doing is fascinating. Once they are able to integrate with current ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) it will be a game changer,” anonymous Solutions Consultant of Talent Tech Labs.

    “Could also be used in employee development and coaching,” Partner, Office Leader of Talent Tech Labs.

    The recently built PaaS digitally deliver the proprietary persona-based methodology across organizations. Persona-based hiring identifies the key traits or elements of top performers within an organization. The Jobber Group Persona Platform aligns all hiring managers on a digital portal from which to ask the same persona-focused questions. Each hiring manager can then score their candidates on their match with each of those persona elements. The result is a percentage match to the discipline Persona that can drive a hiring decision in the right direction. The higher the percentage match, the more likely that candidate will succeed in that organization. For example, the top sales representatives in a company will go through the Jobber Group proprietary process to determine what persona trait elements they possess.  Then the platform, customized with questions and indicators developed for each persona element, measures future candidates on their likelihood of success in the sales role. 

    “We started out as a services company. Our executive clients are the ones who pushed for a way to measure and validate persona match in candidates across their organizations,” said Joe Thurman, Founder and CEO of Jobber Group. “We never thought we’d be a platform company but building it has been the smartest move we could have made. We now have the ability to gather the data necessary to truly help organizations identify and hire right fit people, align their talent strategy across all hiring managers, and calibrate the process continuously for maximum business impact.”

    In addition, this methodology and technology is quickly catching the eye of industrial psychologists who have been talking to the Jobber team about scientific validation of the methodology. Jobber Group is currently forming an Academic Advisory Team with psychologists from across the U.S. and the world.

    Jobber Group continues to push forward as a hybrid services and platform company, preparing to raise money in anticipation of a rapid growth year in 2018.

    About Jobber Group

    We believe the core of every smart company is the power of human ingenuity. The ability to connect the dots between the goals of the organization and the brainpower it needs to succeed is the most important strategy a company can implement. Companies need people who understand and embrace the elements and traits that align with the organization’s business goals to empower the employees to rapidly adapt to changing factors and markets. Visit www.jobbergroup.com or contact us to learn more. 

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