1. Gardner: State could lead in cybersecurity

    Gardner: State could lead in cybersecurity

    Colorado Republican Sen. Cory Gardner on Thursday told the Rocky Mountain Post that cybersecurity is a largely underreported topic in the state despite its potential to make Colorado a national and even international leader in one of the fastest growing tech sectors.

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    1. The issue of cybersecurity doesn't always receive the attention it deserves, but is one that is critical to our national security and economic well-being.
    2. Sen. Gardner has made sure that cybersecurity remains a bipartisan issue and is one that gets the attention and resources it needs, especially after Russia's involvement in our election process.
    3. Regarding Colorado's cybersecurity industry, this legislation would help Colorado companies like Galvanize utilize federal investments to improve the pipeline of workers in cybersecurity and other tech-related fields.
    4. Security is the umbrella issue for the digital world, and data science is the underpinning language of all of that.
    5. The market data was very compelling - both the national and global demand for positions in those fields, but also here in Colorado.
    6. It's a pretty rich panoply, from big ones to small cybersecurity firms that have sprung up over the last 15 years, which is the oldest the oldest of them get, but cybersecurity wasn't an issue then anyway, so that's as old as they are anywhere.
    7. On the international side, we tend to look at themes, and our themes we expect to last two to five to 10 years, so one of the international themes for example right now is cybersecurity.
    8. If you think about it, multinational corporations have systems all over the world and they've got to protect those.
    9. There is a tremendous amount of interesting startup activity based on cybersecurity-related technology and services in Israel.
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