1. Not your typical tech startup: FareHarbor quintuples Denver HQ while turning away venture funding

    Does this look like a fun place to work? FareHarbor, which is expanding into Denver in Sept. 2017, doesn’t have a foosball table, free lunches or kombucha on tap.

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    1. As part of our interview process, we show a slideshow of who we are and where we came from and why we do things this way. We have (investors) singing north of $100 million term sheets. You have to understand why we push those away.
    2. We are at the forefront and we're growing faster than anyone else combined.
    3. In my experience, venture investors bring a number of unique things to the table beyond capital. But equity capital is important. Not every business can take the time to get to survivable scale without third-party equity.
    4. For early-stage investments, they're looking for a 10-times return. This provides real discipline.
    5. I'd say we've had a 30 to 35 percent growth in online reservations, which is great for us because we can plan better and know our availability.
    6. They're a high-growth company. It's the type of tenant that every landlord wants for clients.
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