1. Colorado SBDC TechSource unveils a small business Cybersecurity Program

    Colorado SBDC TechSource unveils a small business Cybersecurity Program
    DENVER - Wed., Oct. 11, 2017 - The Colorado Small Business Development Center (SBDC) will launch a statewide Cyber Security program in October 2017. This program will ensure that small businesses throughout the state have access to relevant and up-to-date education and free one-on-one consulting on how to best protect their assets and investments. Forty-three percent of small businesses owners fall victim to a cyber attack. The SBDC aims to help small businesses protect themselves from these unforeseen threats which can potentially cripple their business and livelihood. Consulting and classes will range from cloud computing to securing technology in order to meet government procurement and compliance standards.
    The Pikes Peak SBDC will manage and operate the program on a statewide basis. The Pikes Peak SBDC one of four SBDC Technology TechSource Smart Zones operating out of Colorado Springs, Colorado. The SBDC recently received a $50,000 supplemental grant, in addition to sponsors and other funding sources) in order to more effectively implement this new initiative. Aikta Marcoulier, Executive Director of the Pikes Peak SBDC, encourages all Colorado small business to utilize the new resources, "Cybersecurity for your business is as essential as drinking water for your health. The SBDC Cyber Program for Small Business has been created to ensure your business health is in top notch condition. Don't put off your cyber training, it's easy, it's fun and it's affordable."
    The Cyber Security threat for small business owners is fast becoming a national concern. The National Association of Small Business Development Centers recently pushed through legislation which will further assist small business owners in defending against cyber threats. Three amendments to the small business act have been passed through the House and are on the way to Senate for approval: H.R. 3002, H.R. 5064 and S. 1428.  These amendments task SBDCs across the nation with prioritizing cybersecurity training and consulting in addition to ensuring that the SBDC has access to, and utilizes the top talent and expertise in the field.
    The Cybersecurity Smart Zone will be deploying the following educational events:
    • Virtual Training
    • Innovative Business Roadtrips
    • Onsite workshops, industry roundtable
    • One-on-one consulting
    Cybersecurity Small Business Experts Include:
    • Colorado Computer Support
    • Conundrum Creek Consulting
    • Corvus Technologies, LLC
    • Department of Homeland Security
    • Firma IT Solutions & Services
    • Murray Security Services & Consulting
    • Rim Technologies, LLC
    • The Cybersecurity Institute for Small and Mid-Sized Business (CiSMB)
    • Toggle Industries, LLC
    • And many more!
    The upcoming cybersecurity educational events and resources can be viewed at www.pikespeaksbdc.org/cyber.
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