1. NCC faces new year with new plan

    NCC faces new year with new plan

    With the National Cybersecurity Center, Vance Brown is on a mission to make Colorado Springs the “No. 1 cybersecurity/blockchain city in the world.” Whether or not you said, “What’s blockchain?” is an indicator of how long that might take — but Brown, the NCC’s interim CEO, gives it about a year.

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    1. We're a 501(c)3 nonprofit — so think independent, objective, where there's no piece of the system that feels competitive to anyone else.
    2. How's an elected official supposed to keep up with this? They're the ones out there doing legislation, influencing public policy, but how do they know?
    3. By the way, the NCC is not there to offer cyber training for cyber professionals — that's already part of the ecosystem here with UCCS and Pikes Peak [Community College] and SecureSet and these kinds of organizations.
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