1. Silicon Valley's Marketo plants office in Denver to help develop marketing messages people want to hear

    Last April, Steve Lucas walked into Marketo’s new temporary space in the Denver City Center and saw the head of human resources sitting at a desk next to the company’s only other Denver employee. “They were at two desks and that was it, just staring at each other,” said Lucas, who became CEO of the San Mateo, Calif.-based marketing technology company in November 2016.

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    1. They were at two desks and that was it, just staring at each other.
    2. I'm fairly familiar with the tech scene in Denver. But I'm also familiar with the old tech. Denver to some degree was a telco hub. You had MCI, Qwest and all those other companies.
    3. They are one of the largest and most widely used marketing technology companies.
    4. Marketo has rebuilt its system to handle the larger scale, but it's not yet clear whether they have succeeded.
    5. We're in the transition phase where we're getting close to a half-billion range in revenues. When you go from a half billion to a billion, that's a huge change in terms of how your company works. You have to have competence in every site, city and in every executive.
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