1. Synergy at the heart of Colorado Springs' high-tech Catalyst Campus

    Synergy at the heart of Colorado Springs' high-tech Catalyst Campus

    The word "synergy" comes up a lot in discussion of the Catalyst Campus for Technology & Innovation.

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    1. It just seemed like a lot of great things were happening there.
    2. Originally, we opened Catalyst Campus to be a collaborative environment for defense companies that needed a platform and an infrastructure to further their business.
    3. There's a lot of crossover on what folks need if you're in business.
    4. We are always evaluating opportunities for bringing MSSA on and off-base.
    5. We see our center with rapid capabilities for someone to go from idea or concept into deployment.
    6. There's so much synergy right now about cybersecurity programming at the Catalyst Campus that it's the right place to be.
    7. Potentially at the end of the program there will be private investments or the military will pick up some of these companies and help them with the next version of their prototypes or extended research and development.
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