1. Tech-Related Bills Introduced in the State Legislature from Jan. 10 - 24

    Tech-Related Bills Introduced in the State Legislature from Jan. 10 - 24

    These are tech-related bills that have been introduced in the Colorado Legislature since it gaveled into session on January 10.

    Broadband Deployment Level Playing Field - House Bill 1099

    Requires the Colorado Broadband Deployment Board, which awards grants to implement and administer deployment of broadband service in unserved areas of Colorado, to include in its criteria for first right of refusal that the incumbent telecommunications provider prove that its speed and cost is equal to or less than other applicants, specifically that the incumbent demonstrate downstream and upstream speeds equal to or faster than those indicated in applicants’ proposed projects, and provide the service at a cost per area household that is equal to or less than other applicants.

    Broadband Deployment Board Apply for Federal Funds - House Bill 1116

    Authorizes the Colorado Broadband Deployment Board to apply for federal funding through the Connect America Fund (CAF), and directs the board to petition the FCC for a waiver to rules barring State CAF funds. The proposed waiver is mirrored after New York’s waiver of the same rules, which was granted in 2017.

    Protections for Consumer Data Privacy - House Bill 1128

    Requires public and private entities in Colorado that maintain paper or electronic documents containing personal identifying information to develop and maintain a written policy for destruction and proper disposal of those documents. Entities that maintain, own, or license personal information shall implement and maintain reasonable security procedures for the personal information. The notification laws governing disclosure of unauthorized acquisitions of unencrypted and encrypted computerized data are expanded to specify who must be notified following such unauthorized acquisition and what must be included in such notification.

    Extend Advanced Industry Export Acceleration Program - House Bill 1135

    Extends the Advanced Industries Export Acceleration program that is currently managed by the Office of Economic Development and International Trade which supports eligible small and medium-sized business through funds to offset international business development and marketing costs.

    Financing Rural Broadband Deployment - Senate Bill 2

    Raises the speed requirement for what is a broadband service network, and broadens the definition of what is considered an unserved area that qualifies for support from the Colorado High Cost Service Mechanism (HCSM) broadband fund. Additionally, it begins a five-year process of transferring all funds allocated by the HCSM from telephone providers to the broadband fund. It also clarifies the process for applying for broadband funds from the HCSM and the basis on which those funds will be awarded, as well as ends the Public Utilities Commission's role of administering the HCSM.

    Allow Electric Utility Customers Install Energy Storage Equipment – Senate Bill 9

    Allows homeowners to install and connect battery storage systems on their property, to enhance the reliability and efficiency of the electric grid, save money, and reduce the need for additional electric generation facilities.

    Cyber Coding Cryptology for State Records - Senate Bill 86

    The Chief Information Security Officer in the Colorado Office of Information Technology (OIT), Director of OIT, Department of State, and Executive Director of the Department of Regulatory Agencies are required to take actions to protect state records containing trusted sensitive and confidential information from criminal, unauthorized, or inadvertent manipulation or theft including annual information assessments and consideration of utilizing technologies such as blockchain.

    Federal Funds for Rural Broadband Deployment - Senate Bill 104

    Requires the Colorado Broadband Deployment Board to petition the FCC for a waiver from the FCC's rules prohibiting a state entity from applying for federal money earmarked for broadband deployment in remote areas of the nation through the remote areas fund created as part of the Connect America Fund established by the FCC.

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