1. Tech-Related Bills Recently Introduced in the State Legislature - February 8, 2018

    Tech-Related Bills Recently Introduced in the State Legislature - February 8, 2018

    Each week we recap the tech-related bills that have been introduced.

    Statewide System for Advance Directives – House Bill 1182

    Directs the Department of Public Health and Environment to contract with one or more health information organization networks to create and administer a statewide electronic system that allows medical professionals and individuals to upload and access advance directives including declaration as to medical treatment, medical durable power of attorney, directive relating to cardiopulmonary resuscitation, medical orders for scope of treatment form and designated beneficiary agreement.

    Create Next Generation 911 Board – House Bill 1184

    Creates the Colorado next generation 911 board to lead the planning for, implementation of, and transition to a sustainable next generation 911 service. The board is required to commission a study to assist in formulating a next generation 911 plan, develop a next generation 911 plan and assist with next generation 911 implementation, transition oversight and coordination of outreach and education.

    Market Sourcing for Business Income Tax Apportionment – House Bill 1185

    Replaces the method for sourcing of sales for purposes of apportioning the income of a taxpayer that has income from the sale of services or from the sale, lease, license, or rental of intangible property in both Colorado and other states from the cost-of-performance test in the case of services and the commercial domicile test in the case of intangible property to a market-based sourcing system. Under this new system, receipts for the sale of services or from the sale, lease, license, or rental of intangible property are apportioned to Colorado based not on where the service is performed, but where the service is delivered.

    Electronic Data Transportation Infrastructure – House Bill 1188

    Authorizes the Colorado Department of Transportation to use highway infrastructure technology to communicate with motor vehicles to facilitate transportation or manage traffic.

    Cybercrime Changes - House Bill 1200

    Changes computer crime to cybercrime, adjusts the way current cybercrimes may be committed as well as the penalty structure for cybercrime. It also makes soliciting, arranging, or offering to arrange a situation in which a minor may engage in prostitution, by means of using a computer, computer network, computer system, or any part thereof, a cybercrime. Additionally, it makes stealing the information from a credit card magnetic strip or placing different information on a credit card magnetic strip without permission and with the intent to defraud a cybercrime. The bill makes changes to the penalty structure for cybercrime.

    State Board Land Commissioners Telecommunications Tower Leases - House Bill 1214

    Requires the State Board of Land Commissioners to set a lease rates for ground leases for the construction and operation of telecommunications towers on state land it manages based on a local market-based appraisal of telecommunications lease rates in the rural area.

    Bitcoin Dealers Licensed as Money Transmitters - House Bill 1220

    Defines cryptocurrency and fiat currency and regulates persons who deal in cryptocurrency under the laws regulating money transmitters.

    School Access to Interoperable Communication Technology - Senate Bill 158

    Creates the school access for emergency response grant program to provide funding for interoperable communication hardware, software, equipment maintenance, and training to allow for seamless communications between existing school communications systems and first responder communications systems. Grant recipients may use the money received through the grant program to provide training in procedures for effective communications with first responders in an emergency, to update school crisis management plans, and to work with the vendor selected by the CIO in the Office of Information Technology to make specified upgrades in connection with interoperable communications abilities.

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