1. Pipeline Among 18 Startups Participating in Salesforce Accelerate Program

    Colorado-based startup Pipeline, an artificial intelligence (AI) SaaS platform engineered to stop unconscious bias in the workplace, today announced it has joined the Salesforce Accelerate program. The program includes 18 startups in total and kicked off on January 31, 2018.

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    1. For Salesforce Accelerate, we look for organizations with visionary leaders who not only define the business opportunity, but who also see the cultural or market need for change. Pipeline's platform addresses a true market need by developing a solution that aims to close the gender equity gap.
    2. By participating in Accelerate, Pipeline has a unique opportunity to collaborate with Salesforce to aim to fix workplaces plagued by gender inequity.
    3. Pipeline is helping to create a cultural shift in Colorado by disrupting the status quo of workforce management and meaningfully quantifying the gender equity of businesses.
    4. According to Salesforce's research, only 25 percent of business professionals believe their employers care about closing the gender pay gap, and only 36 percent believe their employers are actively working to be more diverse.
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