1. Fort Collins Startup Week puts focus on female entrepreneurs

    Fort Collins Startup Week puts focus on female entrepreneurs

    FORT COLLINS -- Female entrepreneurs are just like their male counterparts when it comes to seeking out angel investment to help launch their startup business. 

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    1. Begin by getting to know the community of investors before you need to ask for money.
    2. You need to understand the side of the world from the point of view of the investor.
    3. Investors are typically focused on a niche, whether that be health care or software, whatever.
    4. These are an indication of how thoroughly you've thought about your company -- that's what we look for.
    5. Part of the due diligence will be the safeguards you have to protect your intellectual property.
    6. One of the things we want to see is evidence that the market wants your product, and typically that's sales.
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