1. Startup wants to help clients make healthy lifestyle changes

    Startup wants to help clients make healthy lifestyle changes

    BOULDER — A Boulder-based startup is looking to change the way people think about health care by having them look at their lifestyle. Cruxpoint Health Breakthrough Programs is helping clients look at the big picture, with free and premium offerings depending on their needs.

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    1. What I decided to do about 10 years ago was research how to help people with chronic diseases get out of the trap of just treating their symptoms and restore their health and quality of life.
    2. If you have heart disease, for example, this is created by your lifestyle.
    3. We want to educate people that if they want to control their health, they can do it.
    4. We're working on lower-cost intervention programs, where people can sign up for groups instead of individual attention, as that's really expensive.
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