1. Colorado high-speed hyperloop project picks Denver International Airport as first portal station

    Colorado’s futuristic Hyperloop travel system will start with a station near Denver International Airport. But where it goes from there is still to be determined, and the project is seeking public feedback, officials said Tuesday. They also are halfway done studying how to bring a vacuum-sealed tunnel to the state that would shoot pods carrying people and cargo between Fort Collins and Pueblo at speeds of up to 670 mph.

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    1. We definitely want to start in the Front Range because it's flatter. You want to really prove out the system and make sure that (it works) on a flatter, easier terrain.
    2. You have CDOT, the RoadX program, the HPTE (High-Performance Transportation Enterprise to finance state transportation projects) — these are things you don't see in other states.
    3. As a state agency, we have to be looking at all forms of infrastructure that allows us to move.
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