1. Is Denver a New Kind of Tech Town? Positively.

    Is Denver a New Kind of Tech Town? Positively.

    Tech Denver has long been the playground of craft brewers and the outdoorsy types, but thanks to a booming economy, growing metro area, and intelligent workforce, it’s now also a technology hotspot. Yet unlike Silicon Valley with its cut-throat reputation , Denver is a *different* kind of tech town: one that’s as supportive as it is smart, an idea as refreshing as the Rocky Mountain air. It’s no secret that Denver’s a peak business destination.

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    1. Anyone's welcome here, as long as they remember to be kind, give back, and respect our nature.
    2. Greater Denver has everything an entrepreneur might need, most importantly population density and free thinkers.
    3. Whether you're talking sports, business, skiing, or technology, Denver is such a supportive place. I've always been taken by the idea of collective community leadership, and this is a perfect example of what can happen when a community collaborates to support all walks of entrepreneurs.
    4. Living in such a beautiful area, you can't help but care about the environment and how to preserve it. It's in our DNA.
    5. We love the opportunities the Denver area affords.
    6. Denver fits our model, our mission, and our people.
    7. Our team is based both the Silicon Valley and Denver. We were drawn to Denver thanks to its easy-going lifestyle yet thriving business community, particularly when it comes to IoT.
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