1. Front Range business leaders join the startups they’re helping

    Front Range business leaders join the startups they’re helping

    Seven business leaders are looking to grow the success rate of later-stage startups by taking an entirely new approach to the accelerator concept. Growth Sherpas is a new accelerator with partners in Boulder, Longmont, Denver and Castle Rock. Rather than the traditional accelerator, where several (usually early-stage) startups join and graduate a program during a certain amount of time and get advice and guidance from mentors, Growth Sherpas is taking a more embedded approach.

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    1. There are tons of organizations here that help companies go from an idea to their first few customers.
    2. There are hundreds of companies that graduate from early incubators that get lost in the zone of $10,000 to $200,000 in monthly revenue and they get stuck there.
    3. There are so many professional advisers or consultants who come in for equity and advise.
    4. In using the mountain analogy, we're going on the journey with them.
    5. We treat it like we would our own normal clients.
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