1. Are You Part of Colorado’s Gig Economy?

    Are You Part of Colorado’s Gig Economy?

    Are You Part of Colorado’s Gig Economy? Freelancer. Side Hustler. Solopreneur. What exactly is the gig economy, who’s contributing to it, and what does it look like in Colorado? Features What is the Gig Economy? From the Lyft and Uber drivers zipping along our thoroughfares to neighboring homes morphing into Airbnb rentals to a vibrant startup culture that inspired Amazon to rank Colorado fourth on a list of the top 10 states for entrepreneurial-ness, the gig economy seems to be everywhere in the Centennial State. 

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    1. Employers can save payroll taxes and some benefits, but gig workers tend to be transient.
    2. I didn't start off doing the side hustle and thinking I wanted it to be my full-time career…. It was just a fun thing to do and it made me really happy.
    3. Typical offices aren't comfortable for us [women]. The temperature is regulated by men's bodies.
    4. Employers have to make sure they're not trying to have it both ways: declaring these people contractors to avoid all employment regulations and taxes but, on the same hand, trying to wield control.
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