1. Centennial aims for future with fiber-optic backbone

    Centennial aims for future with fiber-optic backbone

    After two years and nearly $6 million, Centennial has a backbone. A 50-mile-long fiber-optic backbone that could eventually provide the more than 100,000 residents of this south metro community lickety-split internet that will make moving data-intensive files or receiving smooth-streaming video a breeze.

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    1. What the continued momentum of very successful SB 152 opt-out ballot initiatives demonstrates is how critical access to high-speed, affordable broadband is for every citizen in the state.
    2. What is clear to me is that there are multiple approaches to address the need for broadband access.
    3. We're not at all dependent on how successful a new entrant (internet service provider) is.
    4. We have seen extremely strong demand in the neighborhoods where service is available or being built.
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