1. Drones. AI. Bodycams. Is Technology Making Us Safer? - Government Technology

    Drones. AI. Bodycams. Is Technology Making Us Safer? - Government Technology

    Across the country, law enforcement agencies are using emerging tech to gather an unprecedented amount of data to drive down crime statistics. But are their efforts actually making a difference? 

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    1. Before this project started, I would have said there's no way technology can have this kind of impact.
    2. Technology is a piece of a larger puzzle, and so you can have the greatest piece of technology, but if you don't implement it well, it's not going to have its intended effect.
    3. One arrest of a person whose computer is a piece of evidence might result in terabytes of data for just that one case.
    4. AI is the next logical evolution in policing.
    5. It is hard to underestimate the importance of having such a powerful network that can allow so much more data to be exchanged so quickly.
    6. We are talking about the officer becoming the hub for everything that goes on, rather than it being a station or vehicle.
    7. The challenge, as far as using technology to drive down crime, is always in the application.
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