1. Flatiron coding school CEO talks Denver launch

    Flatiron coding school CEO talks Denver launch

    At this week’s launch party for the Denver campus of WeWork’s Flatiron School, which is slated to open in March, Flatiron CEO Adam Enbar ran into one of the coding school’s first students.

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    1. People come to Denver because they want to be happy.
    2. We found a landlord that was willing to give us a six-month lease if we paid him in cash.
    3. Finding people who have these skills — who are also great teachers, and who want to teach rather than going out and being software engineers — is very difficult.
    4. Some people prefer a perfectly quiet environment that is separated from everybody, and there's nothing wrong with that. But if that's what you prefer, Flatiron is not the right place for you.
    5. I know we're the only school in the world that has independently audited data from CPAs for every graduate that's ever been through our doors.
    6. I think if we're all doing a great job, there could be 50 schools like ours and we'd still be a drop in the bucket relative to the rest of the system, so there's a lot of room for us to continue to grow.
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