1. Symposium offers forum for export policies

    Symposium offers forum for export policies

    In the first public discussion of new federal satellite export policies, industry experts and government officials expressed optimism about the long-awaited reforms and their potential impact on the space-based economy. The Satellite Export Controls Workshop took place Monday afternoon at The Broadmoor during the 30th annual Space Symposium, addressing the revised rules of the 1999… Continue Reading Symposium offers forum for export policies

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    1. These controls increase national security and will help increase sales.
    2. Concerns around the satellite sector have plagued us since the passage of the 1999 National Defense Authorization Act, which required that all satellites and related items be treated like munitions.
    3. The dialogue between the U.S. government and industry is essential to our success in developing sound public policy that enhances U.S. national security.
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