1. Report: Tech employment growing in Colorado

    Report: Tech employment growing in Colorado

    Tech-related employment rose in Colorado by more than 7,100 new jobs in 2018 and the tech sector raised its contribution to the state's economy, according to Cyberstates 2019.

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    1. As many states compete to shift companies across state lines, Colorado is focused on capturing growth opportunities from existing firms.
    2. Colorado is home to a diverse pool of technology talent that can be attributed to the dynamism of the market, Colorado is a lower cost market than our coastal peers and we offer a lifestyle and culture attractive to the technology community.
    3. Clearly, the broad-based impact of the tech industry touches virtually every community, industry and market across Colorado, especially when you consider the hundreds of thousands of knowledge workers who rely on technology to do their jobs.
    4. The findings attest to a tech labor market that will remain tight as employers balance short-term needs with an eye towards the future.
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