1. Szczurek brings entrepreneurship to state CIO role

    Szczurek brings entrepreneurship to state CIO role

    After a long career in technology innovation working for public and private companies, Theresa Szczurek of Boulder wanted to make the switch to public service. Szczurek, co-founder of Radish Systems Inc. in Boulder, heard a radio announcement that then Gov.-elect Jared Polis sought applicants for various positions, including chief information officer, and in her words, “opportunity knocked.” 

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    1. It's not only a perfect match for my background, it's an extremely important role, helping set strategy, helping the entire executive branch with its technology needs —  voice, data and information needs — helping evolve it forward, so we can have more-secure, happier citizens and ultimately make life easier for Coloradans.
    2. We are so excited to have Theresa join the OIT team.
    3. Given the breadth and depth of Theresa's IT experience and her entrepreneurial spirit, I am confident that she will continue to transform the technology landscape in Colorado.
    4. You get to a point in your life that it's not just about the money a job delivers; it's about making a difference.
    5. I believe technology is a means of change just like education. I'm a firm believer in education.
    6. I'm working to translate ideas into innovation, which can be brought to the market, which can serve the marketplace, and doing that can build value.
    7. We're building courage, character and confidence among these young women, which is helping them become entrepreneurs.
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