1. Verizon is building a DTC phone service in Visible

    Verizon is building a DTC phone service in Visible

    Verizon launched Visible, the digital-only cell phone carrier in the US, in May 2018. Visible sees an opportunity in the 50 million people who change carriers per year with its simple, $40-per-month plan. It's a low-risk investment for Verizon and could eventually help boost its lagging pre-paid subscriber numbers.

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    1. We absolutely want to be one of the top choices and consideration in the wireless category.
    2. I absolutely believe that their magic formula was knowing the customers and getting the right product market fit to become one of the major contenders in what previously was considered a saturated and mature category.
    3. They are not investing enormous sums of money into this effort. There is no store network. We're not seeing massive advertising; they're not risking a whole lot.
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