1. Uber riders can buy transit tickets on app for Denver

    Uber riders can buy transit tickets on app for Denver

    Riders in Denver soon will be able to buy tickets for public transportation using the Uber app, the latest step on the ride-hailing company’s mission to become a one-stop shop for transportation. Potential Uber riders will see a transit option alongside UberX and Black, along with the price and trip duration, and will be able to purchase a ticket for the bus or train instead of hailing an Uber.

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    1. This is the first time we are offering forms of transportation that are run by completely different agencies in the Uber app.
    2. We're telling them that in some situations, Uber is not your best option.
    3. We know that people want convenience. We know they're wanting to think about end-to-end travel.
    4. The public is demanding that because the technology now has enabled us to provide that information.
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