1. Monument brothers develop router to control home automation devices

    Monument brothers develop router to control home automation devices

    Katherine Blunt katherine.blunt@gazette.com -Katherine Blunt katherine.blunt@gazette.com -

    They were on track to bring in more than $100,000, and then Kickstarter pulled the plug.

    Alex and Brandon Jones, brothers from Monument, had launched a crowdfunding campaign to jumpstart the development of their invention: a touchscreen router designed to control all automation and networking technologies within a home.

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    1. Nowadays we have a ton of different devices that are connected and no way to manage everything.
    2. It's like Big Brother, but for yourself.
    3. There was nothing that gave that type of parental oversight, and the product started growing.
    4. When we got the idea, I didn't know much about hardware.
    5. It's very apparent that (home automation) is an exciting popular space.
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