1. From Denver to the World: Startups Surging from a Mile High

    From Denver to the World: Startups Surging from a Mile High

    Denver in 2014 is like an entrepreneurial rocket ship, and in many ways, it's always been like that. Today's leaders have recognized the intersection of the startup mindset and Colorado culture and harnessed the synergy with impressive results. Case in point: Denver Startup Week.

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    1. The power of the entrepreneurial community is that it aligns with the culture in Denver.
    2. People often forget that MapQuest, which has 30 million plus users is right here in downtown Denver.
    3. Ibotta is 16th most used app in the marketplace.
    4. Swiftpage has really built a brand over the last four years.
    5. There are a number of factors that make us a vibrant place for startups.
    6. We're centrally located in the country.
    7. We're a direct lender to businesses that are expanding in the community within given areas.
    8. There are approximately a dozen different credits available.
    9. The unique factor that Colorado has in its favor is we have an amazing community that's collaborating to make Denver the number-one technology and innovation hub in the United States.
    10. We're focused on all of those, including emerging technologies like 3D printing and advanced manufacturing as well.
    11. We're already seeing people across the country trying to replicate what we're doing here.
    12. I liken it to selling picks to the miners.
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