1. Combination of factors drives Boulder’s innovation ecosystem

    Combination of factors drives Boulder’s innovation ecosystem

    BOULDER — City of Boulder economic vitality coordinator Liz Hanson couldn’t help but join in last month at the Code...

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    1. It was sort of an interesting sign that everyone is sort of branding themselves around innovation.
    2. It's the unique combination of these factors that make us what we are, and it's very hard to emulate.
    3. If I look at the people we have in our company here, all these young bright people that come from all over the country, if not the world, to be here … If I were in San Francisco or New York or Chicago, I couldn't afford to hire these people.
    4. Hey, a rising tide rises all boats, let's work together.
    5. They said we need to do more mentorship with our startup leadership to help them understand how to best pitch their companies to the folks who have the resources.
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