1. Boulder pair disrupts outdoor-gear storage with high-tech lockers

    Boulder pair disrupts outdoor-gear storage with high-tech lockers

    The University of Colorado students were tasked with crafting a business plan for their entrepreneurship certificate when one of them showed up to a meeting bummed that thieves had stolen his skis off the resort rack the previous weekend. Another student still was paying for two bikes stolen on the Boulder campus.

    The thefts sparked the idea for SnowGate, a ski locker system that aims to transform outdoor storage with a B-Cycle-type kiosk networked with an Uber-like app.

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    1. We just wanted to figure out a way to secure all our equipment when we were outside.
    2. For them, there's no downside risk.
    3. We've been impressed with those guys. They've been aggressive, and they really made this happen. You gotta tip your hat to them.
    4. The days of standing around waiting for the guy with the key to the locker are over.
    5. We want lockers to be part of the experience.
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