1. Kindara Hopes Smart Thermometer for Women is Birth of Something Big

    Kindara Hopes Smart Thermometer for Women is Birth of Something Big

    For women trying to conceive, getting pregnant might not get easier in the next few months—but tracking their fertility to find the likeliest time to conceive might.

    Kindara, a startup in Boulder, CO, recently announced the debut of Wink, a wireless smart thermometer the company has spent the past few years developing. Wink uses Bluetooth to connect to iOS and Android phones and tablets and syncs with Kindara’s popular fertility tracking app.

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    1. When we studied it, we felt it was the birth control of the future.
    2. When you knit together the hardware and the software into one easy experience, it becomes so much more.
    3. This is a real validation of our space.
    4. We're all going after the same customer, but are all taking significantly different approaches. There's probably room for more than one of us to win.
    5. If we build really beautiful experiences for our customers, and keep our customers happy, I think we're going to keep growing and good things will happen.
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